To celebrate the World Engineering Day, during March, a collection of photos of “women and men engineers in action” were displayed on the fence lines of UNESCO Headquarters, in Paris.

This photo gallery celebrates the important contributions of engineering to sustainable development and modern life.

Engineers are needed to design and implement technologies that will achieve the targets set at COP21 for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The photos of the exhibition are shown below.

UNESCO Poster of a group of engineers in hard hats observing a large piece of machinery
UNESCO Poster of two engineers crouched down digging in the ground
UNESCO Poster featuring a group of engineers in hard hats and high viability vests posing in front of a large piece of machinery
UNESCO Poster with two images of a group of female engineers wearing pink hard hats
UNESCO Fence featuring UNESCO Posters
UNESCO Poster with information about World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development
A landscape image of multiple UNESCO posters installed on a fence
UNESCO Poster Featuring a group of people working on a project together on one side and on the other side an engineer smiling while working on the computer
UNESCO Poster with two engineers observing a robot arm