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World Engineering Day 2024

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March 4th is #WorldEngineeringDay. Register an event and share a post on social using #WorldEngineeringDay. for more information! #WFEO  #UNESCO #UNSDG #WorldEngineeringDay2024

World Engineering Day

World Engineering Day recognises the important work that engineers need to do, in addressing #climatechange and developing technologies for a carbon free economy. It is engineering #innovations that will achieve this goal. Engineers will ensure cities are #cleaner, more #sustainable, #smarter and #liveable. And importantly, engineers will ensure that everyone has clean accessible water, sanitation systems and affordable and reliable energy.

When is it?

March 4th is #WorldEngineeringDay. Engineering innovation for a more resilient world. Register an event or share a post on social using #WorldEngineeringDay.