Results of WED2021 Poster Design Competition

Sponsor: WFEO

Organizer: WFEO-CEIT

The “World Engineering Day” publicity and design competition came to an end after a month of appraisal. Since the start of the competition, we have received entries from many countries and regions. Thank you very much for your support!

A total of six judges participated in the scoring. They rate the posters from the following three aspects, with a full score of 100.
1. Theme (the theme of the poster is clear and prominent and fits the theme of the competition)
2. Creativity (posters have novel ideas, coordinated colors, complete composition, good visual effects)
3. Thoughtfulness (the poster is full of connotation, making people want to know more about engineering and sustainable development)

The following is the list of winners.

First prize

Jerian Mari R. Miguel

Second prize

Obasola Moses

Narges alikhani

Mario Piedra Campos

Third prize

Dilan Priyasad+Koshila Chandrasena+Sanjitha Amarathunga

Nnaemeka Ebube

MSUAS PD+CARL NHAPI+Tinashe Enoch Chitondwe

Sara Eskandaritorbaghan+Mohammad moein nazari gorji+Azadeh Eskandaritorbaghan

Michael Mhlanga

Congratulations to the above winners!

Organizers will contact the winners and issue awards and bonuses