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1. General provisions

Engineering plays a vital role in meeting basic human needs, improving people’s quality of life and creating opportunities for sustainable growth at local, national, regional and global levels. The World Day of Engineering for Sustainable Development (March 4) was unanimously approved at the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference held in November 2019. This event aims to celebrate and promote the areas of Engineering and the work that Engineers have developed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. According to UNESCO’s Second Engineering Report entitled “Engineering for Sustainable Development: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, Engineering needs to transform itself to be more innovative, inclusive, cooperative and responsible. In this context, the Department of Engineering and Technologies of the Polytechnic Institute of Technologies and Sciences, in partnership with the National Commission of Angola for UNESCO, present the 2nd Edition of the Celebration of World Engineering Day. The event will be attended by representatives of ministries, the United Nations, UNESCO and companies, in addition to teachers and students.

2. Event Objectives

General Objectives

Celebrate and promote Engineering and the work that Engineers have done to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Specific Objectives

• Raise awareness of different aspects of sustainability;

• Promote multidisciplinary cooperation in the field of Engineering between governmental and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and industries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals;

• Stimulating scientific innovation in Engineering in Angola;

• Provide engineering students with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges of sustainable development by encouraging the creation of projects;

• Attract and awaken in girls and women an interest in Engineering, leading them to consider Engineering as a vocation and profession;

• Promote the transition from traditional engineering to sustainable engineering;

• Promote the debate on entrepreneurship and the creation of startups in the area of ​​Engineering.

3. Target audience

Academics, Companies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Community in general.

4. Areas Projects for the Engineering and Technology Fair will focus on the following areas:

a) Energy efficiency;

b) Rational use of natural resources;

c) Reverse engineering;

d) Climate change;

e) Drinking water and sanitation;

f) Responsible and innovative use of materials and reduction of non-biodegradable waste;

g) Extraction of precious electronic waste materials;

h) Development of new resistant and biodegradable materials;

i) Sustainable consumption and production;

j) Inclusive and sustainable industrialization;

k) Technologies to support the teaching of Engineering;

l) Entrepreneurship and innovation in Engineering;

m) Production and distribution of energy;

n) Flexible and efficient use of energy;

o) Transport and mobility of the future;

p) City, buildings and sustainable components;

q) Environmental technology, nature and biodiversity;

r) Agricultural and food technology;

s) Recycling and circular economy;

t) Efficient production and integration into the renewable energy network;

u) Artificial intelligence;

v) Cybersecurity;

w) Big data;

x) IOT;

i) Robotics


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