Congratulatory Addresses from Global Engineering Community

Mark Gibbs
Global Executive Vice President, SAP SE and
President of SAP Greater China

The world faces a broad range of environmental and social challenges – climate-related disasters like bushfires and flooding to social issues like opportunity inequality and forced labour. While governments and NGOs play key roles, the power of business can address these challenges with solutions at scale. SAP is Europe’s largest technology company, employing more than 100,000 people worldwide, and has a deep engineering heritage.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and quantum computing, have shaped the modern world. SAP works with thousands of companies around the world to help transform their businesses to create a better, more sustainable world. These include helping companies remove bias in hiring, improve transparency in supply chains, increase efficiency in power transmission, or provide traceability in food products. But technology alone is not the solution. Transformation of a company’s internal culture is essential, and leaders must set a clear vision for a sustainable future, encourage positive change, and instil trust.

Engineers are needed more than ever to address the pressing needs of sustainable development of humanity and the planet.


Marc Ventre
Ingénieurs Et Scientifiques de France

A partir d’aujourd’hui, les ingénieurs du monde entier auront tous les ans une journée qui leur sera dédiée. En France, cette célébration est organisée depuis 2013 par les Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France (IESF) au travers des Journées Nationales de l’Ingénieur. La maîtrise de l’innovation technologique a toujours été un facteur important dans l’évolution de l’humanité. En ces temps où les coopérations internationales sont fragilisées, les ingénieurs démontrent une fois de plus leur capacité à se réunir pour célébrer ensemble leur passion pour la science et l’innovation. Nous sommes très fiers de cette reconnaissance par l’UNESCO de l’implication des scientifiques dans le développement de la société.

IESF représente cette communauté en France depuis près de deux siècles. Nous avons toujours été très attachés à notre responsabilité sociale et notamment pour un développement durable. Vous pouvez retrouver à ce sujet sur notre site, la publication que nous avons faîte en 2018 : « Changement climatique – un défi pour les ingénieurs ».

Bonne fête aux ingénieurs et à leur investissement collectif pour garantir que le développement soit toujours durable !

From today, engineers from all over the world will have a day dedicated to them every year. In France, this celebration has been organized since 2013 by Engineers and Scientists of France (IESF) through the National Engineer’s Day. The mastery of technological innovation has always been an important factor in the evolution of humanity. At a time when international cooperation is weakened, engineers are once again demonstrating their ability to come together to celebrate their passion for science and innovation. We are very proud of UNESCO’s recognition of the involvement of scientists in the development of society.

IESF has represented this community in France for almost two centuries. We have always been very committed to our social responsibility and especially to sustainable development. You can find on this subject on our website, the publication we made in 2018: “« Changement climatique – un défi pour les ingénieurs » (climate change – a challenge for engineers).

Let’s celebrate engineers and their collective investment to ensure that development is always sustainable!


Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations

Yuri Gulyaev
President of Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations,
Full Member and Member of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Science

Sergey Drukarenko
Secretary General of Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations

Dear Fellow Engineers, Friends,

Yours sincerely!


Navinchandra B. Vasoya, FIE
Past President & Sitting Member of National Council
The Institution of Engineers (India)
Member, Executive Council, WFEO
Member, Standing Committee on Information and Communication Technology, Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia Pacific (FEIAP)
Member, Executive Committee (Representative to WFEO)
Federation of Engineering Institutions of South Central Asia (FEISCA)


Maria Teresa Pino
President of UPADI