Spotlighting how the global community celebrated World Engineering Day 2022

Running for 24-hours, commencing in East and following the sun as it circled the globe, the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) hosted a live-streamed 24-hour event to celebrate engineers everywhere.

Calling on WFEO partners and engineering institutes around the world, the 24-hours of World Engineering Day saw the global community come together to showcase the incredible work and talent of engineers.

The complete broadcast was placed on the WED website and will be available to enjoy for the entire year

The WED activation team completely developed (from nothing) an entire sub brand, logo, website hub, info kits, explainer video, welcome videos, database forms, email program, social media program and MORE!

Promoted hubs in 8 zones (Australia/China/India/ Africa/France/UK/USA/Costa Rica)

Worked connections with multiple WFEO partners for the provision of content for the 24HR feed

Started at 12pm (local) in Sydney, Australia on 4 March

Concluded 24 hours later, at 7pm (local) in San Jose, Costa Rica on 4 March

WED 24Hrs Live 2022


Female (29.85%)
Male (70.15%)

194 videos

21 partners

12 sponsors


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