How the world celebrated World Engineering Day 22

Theme: Build Back Wiser – Engineering the Future

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is a global UNESCO day. It was proclaimed to raise awareness of the role of engineering in modern life.


UNESCO is placing a high priority on activities that promote awareness of engineering as a career, as well as on those that demonstrate the importance of youth studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


All communities, partners and individuals from around the world were called to help celebrate and uplift engineers on World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development 2022.  To this end, events were held around the globe by WFEO, partners institutes, universities and so many more.


In a digital world, social media was also recognised as a key source of celebration. Discover how the world celebrated, both in-person, online and across multiple digital channels.

Over 135 events registered in 2022

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1,3 Million

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By March 12th , the topic of “Looking for Engineers” on Douyin was played 520 million times

The total number of fans of the “World Engineering Day” Douyin account is 644

The account has released more than 20 videos, with a total of 120,000 plays, 3,049 likes, 525 comments, a net increase of 252 fans, 14,000 account searches, and 10,000 works searches. 

February 10th to March 10th


Accumulated followers (almost 400 new followers on March 4th)


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+ 15%

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